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CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Your customers expect a seamless experience when they interact with your brand—on social media, mobile, in-store, through the call center, on your website, and when making a purchase online. And while 80% of CEOs believe their companies provide a good customer experience, only 43% of customers have had a consistent positive experience with a brand.

Part of the issue is that many companies build their processes around internal organizational silos rather than around the customer.But many companies are crippled by customer relationship management systems that are so limited in scope and capabilities that they perpetuate those information silos and fail to provide the in-depth customer insight that today's businesses need.

Only Yash Computers Company offers a complete and integrated CRM solution that breaks down silos to deliver a seamless customer experience across marketing, sales, commerce, service, social, and configure, price, and quote (CPQ). Whether deployed modularly to tackle specific business challenges or deployed as a comprehensive solution.

Yash Computers Company's CRM approach enables your company to :

  Provide cross-channel, consistent customer experiences using pre-built business processes that span silos
  Integrate CRM with enterprise applications, providing connections throughout the buyer's journey and making operations more efficient
  Leverage industry-specific best practices for competitive advantage